Photo Credit: Michelle Lynn, Hampton Roads Birth Photographer.

Initial Consultation

Interested clients are welcome to meet me for a free consultation in order to meet me and discuss my services, as well as answer any questions you may have.  There is no obligation whatsoever, and at that time I will leave you with a contract that you and your spouse/partner can read at your leisure and decide upon together. I am happy to do this over the phone, instead, if family / work schedules make it difficult for us to get together. It’s your preference!

Prenatal Visits and Support

During your pregnancy, I am available for you by phone any time, and I will come to your home (or other preferred place, if you wish) at least one or two times before your baby’s  birth, as your schedule allows.  That way, we’ll have opportunity to get to know each other a little before the birth. During these prenatal visits, I help you develop a birth plan and become familiar with your wishes for birth,  provide you with resources, and if you are willing,  participate in some preliminary practice of some of my techniques so that you will be familiar with them.

Continuous Labor and Birth Support

As your due date approaches, I will be on call continuously until you deliver. During labor I will come to your home and/or hospital and stay with you for the duration of your labor and birth. I usually work fairly quietly, using comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and encouragement as needed. My philosophy is to have the laboring mom know that I am present, but to not take the place of her partner or the medical professionals. I like to try and prepare you ahead of time on what to say and what questions to ask when procedures are suggested. If there is a departure from your birth plan that is not due to medical necessity, I will remind you as agreed upon during our postpartum meetings.

Help With Breastfeeding

Once your baby is born, I stay with you until you are resting and ready for some private time (usually about two hours).  If you are breastfeeding, I will help if needed.  Breastfeeding is a passion of mine… I breastfed all eight of my children, and I truly enjoy helping moms succeed at breastfeeding their babies. Currently, I am completing certification as a lactation educator / peer counselor.

My personal breastfeeding philosophy is as follows:

  • Let the baby lead breastfeeding and not judge success or failure on whether the baby latches and nurses immediately following birth. Some babies prefer to just look at Mom and Dad for a while and are not so interested in nursing right away.
  • After those initial hours, then it is more important to ensure a proper latch is obtained.
  • Get professional help early, and as often as needed. Lactation consultants are the real experts when it comes to the physiology of breastfeeding, and the issues that frequently arise. I will encourage you to get help if you are having difficulties that are beyond my scope of practice.
  • Nurse your baby as frequently as he or she asks.
  • I believe that you can do it!


I come to your home for one postpartum visit about a week or two following the birth of your baby (or when it is convenient for you), to check on you, answer any questions, give you the opportunity to recount your birth, and to get feedback from you.

Lending Library

My clients have complete access to a lending library of books on childbirth, breastfeeding, baby care and parenting, etc., along with a few videos and other materials. If there’s a book you want to read that I don’t have, I’m glad to purchase it to loan it to you and later add to my library if I can find it for a reasonable price. View the lending library page.

Teen Moms

I am committed to helping teen moms who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy and offer my services at a discount (based upon financial need) as long as I am available for your due date. Additionally, I am committed to mentoring young moms on parenting skills, breastfeeding, support, resources, etc. If you are in need of court ordered parenting classes, check out the Hampton Roads Parenting Education Network.


My husband is a thirty year U.S. Navy enlisted retired veteran, and my father served in the U.S. Marine Corps for twenty years. As a military brat and spouse, I know firsthand the tight finances and sacrifices that military families have to make. For this reason, I offer a military discount for my services. Also, as a military ID card holder, I have access to all bases.

Childbirth Classes

I will be starting natural childbirth classes this fall. They will be weekly, 6 class series. I am certified by CAPPA, and am working on a second CBE certification with Madriella. Check back soon for more information!


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me by sending me an email, or by calling me at (757) 912-0344.