Pure Water

I own a Berkey Water Filtration System. Several of my clients recommended it to me, but I was sold after one of my clients offered me a glass of water while at their prenatal visit. The water tasted amazing! After doing some researching and learning about all of the health benefits for my family to drink purified water instead of tap water, I decided I needed to invest in my own. I am so glad I did! I’ve had it a little over a year now, and my filters are still working great. The filters only need replacement about once every 4 years (the optional flouride filters need to be replaced yearly). I recommend you buy one a little larger than you think you need, because once you have one, you will use not only use this water for drinking, but you will use it for cooking, filling the coffee maker, filling pets’ water bowls, and so on.

While the investment may seem to be a bit expensive, in reality, it saves you quite a bit of money in the long run if you buy bottled water. The cost works out to be only about 2 cents per gallon, plus it helps the environment by keeping plastic bottles out of landfills. I really love my Berkey Filter, which is why I am sharing it here. It has been an excellent and necessary investment, and gives me peace of mind knowing that I am removing a lot of the impurities out of the city tap water for our family.

If you make a purchase using the affiliate link below, I will make a little money, but it won’t cost you anything extra and you’ll be helping out a retired doula, lol! More importantly, you’ll be doing something truly positive for your family’s good health.

Thank you so much!