Dads and Doulas

Dads play an important role in supporting their partner during labor.  A doula does not interfere with or take the place of dads or other support partners.  Instead, a doula will encourage and facilitate this important emotional and physical support.  Read this article about dads and doulas published by Doulas of North America.

One of the things most dads tell me they appreciate about my being there, is that they are able to focus their attention on just supporting their loved one, and that knowing that what their partner was experiencing was completely normal. Some of the things a doula does is to give dads or other support partners an opportunity to rest, eat, shower, and peace of mind having someone present that is knowledgable about the birth process. Here are some comments I’ve received from dads:

“I was initially skeptical about hiring a Doula. However, on our first meeting with Amelia, any skepticism I may have had simply disappeared. She made my wife feel confident and at ease throughout the pregnancy and she showed us techniques to manage pain and discomfort during this period.”

“For me the biggest help was just knowing that someone ‘had our backs’ and we could concentrate on my wife’s delivery without fear. I really agree with our friends when they said that hiring a Doula is the best investment we could make.”

“She was there with us at every crucial moment and relieved our tension and headache before and after birth. Our baby is now 6 weeks old but she is still in touch with us and helping continiously with our little trouble of breastfeeding the baby.”

“My husband, who was initially unsure of why we needed a doula, later said that having Amelia there was ‘like having another husband there…one that knows exactly what to say and do.’ And he was right.”