Baby Wipes

One of my clients shared this recipe for reusable baby wipes. She stacked baby washcloths in a crockpot on warm and used the following recipe for an inexpensive, environmentally friendlier way to keep her newborn clean and rash free between diaper changes.

Mix together:

‎2 cups water
2 tablespoons organic baby wash
2 tablespoons organic virgin coconut oil

Simply substitute olive oil for the coconut oil if you aren’t using a crockpot or warmer.

That’s pretty simple, huh?

Here is another recipe that I used to use when my kids were babies. These wipes are not as green, but are still economical and great for when you have to travel. I probably saved hundreds of dollars on wipes alone by making my own.

You will need:

An airtight seal plastic container large enough to hold half of a roll of paper towels.

A roll of paper towels cut in half crosswise, to end up with two smaller rolls (cheap paper towels fall apart to easily, so buy good quality ones like Bounty). A serrated bread knife works well for cutting them. Remove the cardboard tubes, and place one of the rolls in the container.

Mix together:
2 cups water
2 tablespoons hypoallergenic baby bath
2 tablespoons vinegar (to combat bacterial growth and to normalize ph)
2 tablespoons light olive oil

Pour the solution over the roll of paper towels in the container. Give it time to absorb before using, usually a few minutes. Pull the wipes from the center.

I would usually put a few of these in a plastic bag and toss them into my diaper bag for traveling.